The range of dates for this site is not limited. The earliest person may change from time to time.
This site was relaunched May 2007. Additions to the main menu have been added. Please bookmark and come back often for new genealogy & history information.


Key Figures

Important people and significant events will be highllghted and included in the main menu for ease of reference. Where possible sections will be broken down into section as follows:

  • Kings
  • Queens
  • Other Royals
  • Notable Events.

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Other classifications will be added as required.

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Histories of the Rich & Famous

The aim of this site is to link to histories and biographies of people who I have found have associations with my family.

My own research is now incorporated in a database of over 150000 people, which has pedigrees linked to all the royal houses. This site is intended to allow me to add significant extracts from that research and make it easily available. This will take some time, so please come back often, as new data &, links will be added often.


These people are listed in no particular order and are considered rich, famous or of note, due to their status, rank or wealth:

There are people from different centuries, places and of different cultures.

You will find many noted royals from the Royal Houses of England, Scotland and Europe as well as famous families.
This site must be considered work in progress as many sources will be explored and studied before accepted for inclusion.


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